About Us

At Breaking Fate Entertainment, we are driven by a relentless passion for independent creativity and a steadfast belief in the power of storytelling. Our mission is to cultivate a diverse, dynamic, and inclusive community of artists, visionaries, and storytellers who defy convention and challenge the status quo.

We are dedicated to producing compelling, thought-provoking independent films that resonate on a global scale. Through innovative storytelling techniques and cutting-edge cinematic craftsmanship, we aim to captivate audiences, evoke emotion, and provoke meaningful dialogue.

In addition to film production, we extend our commitment to independent expression across various mediums. From radio broadcasts that amplify underrepresented voices to curated art exhibitions that push boundaries, and diverse media platforms that champion creativity, we strive to provide a platform for artists to share their unique perspectives and ignite inspiration.

We are equally committed to the responsible promotion and distribution of independent content. By leveraging our network, expertise, and resources, we seek to ensure that groundbreaking work reaches the widest possible audience, fostering a culture of appreciation for independent artistry.

Above all, Breaking Fate Entertainment stands for authenticity, integrity, and unwavering support for the artistic journey. We endeavor to break free from the constraints of convention, embracing the limitless potential of independent expression to shape a future where creativity knows no bounds.

Together, we forge a path towards a world where every voice is heard, every story is celebrated, and every artistic endeavor has the power to touch hearts, challenge minds, and transcend boundaries. Breaking Fate Entertainment: Defying Limits, Shaping Futures.


Meet Our Team!

President and Founder

Willy Adkins

Mr. Willy Adkins is an American actor, director and producer. He is the owner of Breaking Fate Entertainment (formerly known as Spook Show Entertainment) and is a "jack of all trades" in the entertainment industry. He is also known for his work in paranormal investigation, founding Illinois Ghost Hunters back in 2006, which has taken him all over the country. 

Willy has a lifelong passion of dark arts and photography, founding Deviant Desires Photography in 1996, and also does alternative model portfolio production and horror themed art. Today, Willy stays busy directing, producing, writing and acting in independent film, winning a best actor award in the film Gordon Finn at the Smokey Night Film Festival in 2015.

As producer/director of several film festivals and conventions across the country, including the Chicago Horror Film Festival, Cinema Soup Film Festival, Historic Crimes Convention and Dark Art and Oddities Convention, he prides himself in helping other independent artists get recognized.

Willy resides in Dekalb, Illinois, often traveling to his “home away from home”, Gatlinburg, Tennessee. He is the proud father of two girls, Dixie Belle and Bethany Madison. He spends his free time working on his personal art, collecting weird antiques, oddities, and sideshow memorabilia, as well as touring various shows and conventions.


Vice President

Becky Lange

Becky took on partnership and the title of Vice President at Breaking Fate Entertainment in 2023 to help bring the company into a new era of entertainment. Outside of Breaking Fate, Becky has been a proud part of Chevies Film Productions, where her film debut was as Art Director and Gaffer for Murder for Pleasure. Her past lighting credits include Hernandez, T is for Tentacles, The Clown Dies @ Midnight, Mentis, Mutilation Massacre, Guardian Angel, Chicks with Scripts, Haunted Lenore and most recently Torture the Flesh. Whenever she is not working on films or events, Becky is active backstage in her local theatre.